PhD Students

Bachelor Students

  • Kyle Horton

I am currently looking for talented students with interests in the area of systems and control theory and data-driven control. If you are interested in pursuing a PhD or Master’s degree with me and feel like you would be a good fit, please feel free to contact me via email.

Past Students

  • Sujet Phodapol, Real-time Adaptive Data-enabled Predictive Control (jointly supervised with Alberto Padoan)
  • Guanchun Tong, Fundamental Lemma for Periodic Systems (jointly supervised with Francesco Micheli)
  • Felix Wegner, Data-enabled Predictive Control of an Excavator (jointly supervised with Mathias Hudoba de Badyn)
  • Alexandre Didier, Robust Adaptive Model Predictive Control of Quadrotors (jointly supervised with Anil Parsi)
  • Adrian Brandemuehl, Embedded Predictive Control of Quadcopters (jointly supervised with Goran Banjac and Paul Beuchat)
  • Fabian Tischhauser, Data-enabled Predictive Control of Robotic Systems (jointly supervised with Pascal Egli in the Robotics Systems Lab ETH)
  • Ezzat Elokda, Data-enabled Predictive Control of Quadcopters (jointly supervised with Paul Beuchat)